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rost is a multi-faceted organization that is built on providing to young talented individuals across Manitoba and Canada. We strive to provide our clients with the best experience with services offered ranging from event planning,  musical tours, and outreach programs. The average age of participants and attendees of our events ranges between 18 – 30.

Through these different events and initiatives, Frost aimed to create an exciting and invigoration atmosphere where information meets entertainment; something we in the organization termed “infotainment” through divers events and activities planned throughout the year, but also at promoting more inclusive community in Manitoba and Canada.

We aim to leave attendees with a lasting impression of the impact of new immigrants, the African and Caribbean communities’ contribution to Winnipeg, Manitoba, and Canada as a whole. Our mandate is to endure that our events remain accessible to all and sundry regardless of their socio-economic background and demographic. We rely an assistance from corporate entities and individual sponsors in order to achieve this aim.

Frost events are an amazing way to reach out to youths especially within Manitoban communities. As stated above, the average age is about 18-30 years old and this is the age range when companies solidify brand loyalty. Frost events are a unique opportunity to promote your business activity to this target audience in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada where out events are held.

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Frost Management
Winnipeg MB

Chigozie Ezeobgulafor
Tel: (204) 291 – 2028

Sadiq Imam
Tel: (403) 999 – 1559

Fabian Gbem
Tel: (204) 688 – 6503

Email: huisfrost@gmail.com

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